Without judging anyone, I just have several points to make about becoming a mother or about NOT becoming one.  I have been seeing and dealing with lots of people who were and who are faced with options about parenthood.

  • There are married friends who have been married for years but can not manage to have their own babies
  • There’s this teenager who is a new mom to a very beautiful baby girl and have completely no regrets to her choice but struggling about all the gossips about her and her choices
  • There’s a colleague from work who is still regretting the abortion they had N number of years ago
  • There’s this twenty-year old lady who just learned she is pregnant and took the pill to stop the pregnancy but didn’t work and now contemplating on how to proceed with her life.
  • There’s this close relative of mine who got pregnant, got married, got a wonderful daughter who she misses so much since she works overseas and is completely regretting about her marriage but not regretting having the baby!
  • There are friends (lots of them) who got pregnant, got married and lived happily ever after even though life is difficult and boring for most parts.
  • There’s this single mother friend of lovely twins who is very much struggling to make both ends meet since she is also the head of family and has been single for eight long years to focus her attention to her babies upbringing

All boils down to CHOICES and SACRIFICES. What sacrifices you are prepared to take on? Your choices will then be dependent of your answer to the first question.

You can’t have a baby, accept it, maybe it’s not for you.

You had an abortion because you were not prepared to deal with the sacrifices it entails – embarrassment, change of lifestyle, financial difficulties, whatever personal reasons you got – you made your choice, deal with consequences, forgive yourself, learn from the mistake and continue with your life.

You choose to continue with the pregnancy and be a parent – embrace parenthood, deal with the consequences while enjoying life’s miraculous gift! It is fulfilling but it is not an easy task! Well, nothing in life is easy anyways..

For those who choose to become a mother, no matter what the odds are, I dedicate this year’s Mother’s Day Celebration to all of you. I can sympathize; I know how great such a choice is.

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy the challenges of motherhood!

– a repost from Leng

“There’s this twenty-year old lady who just learned she is pregnant and took the pill to stop the pregnancy but didn’t work and now contemplating on how to proceed with her life. “

–> So this is where I fall. Ive been through a lot for 20 years and yea i guess this is the hardest. Some guy who I dont know very well yet got me pregnant. This is gonna change my life forever, I cried a lot and thought of stupid things. But following a mistake after another isnt the best solution. LIFE is always a blessing. I learned that from Caroline & Jhoa(Mico’s wife), who are some of my friends who are already proud parents. Caroline, a single mom darn, I admire you so much. After learning that I was pregnant, I cried so much cuz i wasnt ready for a kid. I was suppose to start my life as a young adult with all the dreams i used to have as a kid. But everything turned out different. I wasnt expecting this and surely I will crush my parents’ hearts. Life really is full of surprises and I am still super shocked about what happened.  But for me and to my soon baby LIFE WILL AND MUST GO ON.

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5 Responses to TO BE OR NOT TO BE.. A MOTHER

  1. ey everything happn 4 a reason.. dat bby dat u have is a blessing from above.. good luck and b strong, if its a boi name it michael hehe and il b da ninong… ey smile nmn diyan alm mo namn nalulungkot ako pagsad ka.. well i will always b hre 4 u as ur buddy.. ingaat

  2. missishie says:

    mike buddy na lan? d ba daddy?

  3. angel_yzelle says:

    ISHIE KO.. lets not talk about daddy stuffs, allergic ako sa lalake. ang nga pla hindi na naten paguusapan kahit kelan un tatay nito. but yea siguro if he never happened to my life, i wont be able to realize a lot of things. Basta ngaun malalampasan ko rin lahat ng to, magiging masaya ulit tas il continue my plans tas siguro nman mas happy na un cuz il be having my lil one, at un na lang ang magiging buhay ko xa, mga friends ko at family. Sa totoo lang if dati my chance pa ako to fall inlove, ngaun siguro mas malabo na at sa sobrang sakit ng mga nangyare, my heart cant take another attack. I will never fall for men again, huli na si Michael, alam nman nten yan at matagal narin kaming FRIENDS LANG no tse nman! haha… I will never ever get married cuz theres no reason for that. Not wen i was inlove, not wen i got pregnant so no reason. Id rather be alone kesa magpakasal sa taong isinusuka ko ugali, sabi nga ni Caroline, why daw ayaw ko pa sa knya e we cud be a family nman daw. NO WAY. walang enough reason.
    MICHAEL thanks for being a good friend. and sorry kaso i cant be smiling over this rite now. gano kasakit being pregnant tas ako lang magisa, un ung hardest part e. and yea if its a boy i planned to name it after you narin tlga, haha! thanks pare…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chad Michael yould be a great name mare… 😀

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