As a child, I do nothing but daydream. I imagine being a model, a businesswoman or a pilot — Kids stuff so to speak. And my parents have dreams for me too, that is to finish my studies and to be a succesful woman, to take care of them when they get old. Hence, everyone dreams. I’ve surpassed my childhood days. Still, I am dreaming. But they sort of grew up too. Instead of dreaming castles and faries, I dream of improving myself. Seeing more of me as a career woman, fulfilling my duties as a student, as a daugther and as a citizen. My thoughts are within my reach. Why? You may ask. Simply beacause reality is sneaking up to me, It’s consuming me like a wildfire, burning me. Sometime I am more concerned of the present. This will be forever imprintedand can never be changed. I believe that you are just like me, losing hope, uncertain of what the future might lead you…

Yet, I am wrong. The nature of reality has three positions, one that is hidden, one

that is known and the other is that we could never come up with real reality. The faces of realityare interrelated; It just proves that reality could only be known by the peson experiencing it.

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