summer rain

Summer’s gonna be over SOON.


Earlier I was on my way to school and yea the rain started to pour. It was good, and in fact I’ve been waiting for those drops to fall. Aside from the fact that my face really hurts and it feels like its fuckn burning over this whole summer, But yea summer isn’t over yet, still no beachside action from MISS BEACH LOVER who happens to be me..lol and I hate being busy over some other stuffs instead of being on the beach..lol But anyways excited to leave this June though. =) Btw, I was feeling sick I since yesterday when I eat its either throwing up or going to the comfort room..lol but I’m feeling better now. Thank God. Math class in 30 mins.. hayy.. its sooper tiring. Laters, im just gna listen to some new songs… =)

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