coffee break



I really am not in the mood for any blogging action right now.. haha all i know is that my face is fuckn hurting  right now and I soOper hate it.. but yea in the name of VANITY im doing this… harhar.. well updates.. We moved last week and our house is now on construction, im having my training and takn up my math class. some dramas over the weeknd with Ron and Les, Jayjay still txting and me not replying. Christian calling and me not picking up.tried to break somebody’s heart but yea theres just no easy way just like what the song said, I tried to breakk Tyrone’s heart kaso its not the rite time pa yata.. i met the whole family already i mean the WHOLE, i duno .haha anyways.. anything more wala na, vacation on puerto coming up.laters..


After my math class derecho na here sa ITCC uilding for the Stat laboratory, but yea nako wala si sir. No classes for today. Earlier nga pla before  going to my math class nkita nmen un soOper kaaway nmen ni ish as in dati pa.. but yea, mas kaaway xa ni Ish I guess.. haha! Nkatikim nman ng kung anu anong kahihiyan si tanga.. haha! Goodluck sa paspasok nya here sa skul tignan ko lng kng m,tahimik xa..lol ^^ edit na first ako ng layout.. il talk about politics soon..lol hehe seriously yea, i ve seen PHILIPPINE AGENDA sa GMA it tacles about the 7 or 8 yata na major probs ng Philippines, so far they have showcased HOUSING(LAST WEEK)  and EMPLOYMENT (last nite), so im lookn forward to the next following weeks.. =) btw while uploading pics sa Multiply i saw this one on photobucket, naglilipat kc ko.. haha ntawa ko..lol




Neng at Nena

…Nung mga bata pa sila.. haha! Kanina lunchtime we were discussing about love haha, sympre si bakla my bagong jowa nman na si Dale Agua, from skul din, im happy na masaya nman xa, kesa sa maging super bitter bitteran sa ex nya na si Buloy at dun sa bago nyang nililigawan who happened to be our friend din nman before, ewan sa laki ng mundo why do it has to be someone she know, haha.. Ako nman my nlaman din bout myself cuz of that convo.. CONFIRMED. Im on that stage na napagod nko at nagsawa sa mga lovelife lovelife na yan that’s why, hindi nako marunong msaktan, well, I saw them in pain and ngtataka ko why I never really experienced that kind of pain, and if I did na nkalimutan ko nalang, o thank God for that. I DON’T WANT TO COMMIT CUZ I DON’T WANT TO HURT PEOPLE, and please if  you(anyone) think that Im hurting u, well, im sorry but Im not. I just made my choice na wag ng masaktan, I mean sometimes pwede kong masaktan but I just know how to control things, so easy. Now focus ko kasi finishing this math thing, and yea my career and family, that’s it. Ish said nga na parang nararamdaman nya ung pagod at pagkaumay ko sa love nayan.. haha! Ok lang sabi ko kinikilig parin nman ako. Parang un k Jayjay, pero hello alam ko sa sarili ko na malayo na mapunta kun san un. Most of the time kasi un mga nraramdaman nten for that particular time, FAKE. Pero yea libre magakala.. basta ako, LIFE IS A PARTY, SO LETS JUST DANCE! Tse! Hahahahaha….

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