Supporting a friend

Ive been plugging Dannie’s album since January, and that was 3 months before his album launch. Of course were both waiting for that day. But yea unfortunately I was sick last Saturday, actually the launch was moved to 31st. so yea.. he texted me that day asking if I was coming..huhu. I was sad that I wasn’t able to come. Last nite we were talkn he said “Why u ddnt go to my launch? I was lookn forward to seeing u.=0(“ of course I told him that I was sick so yea. I just asked how did the launch went D: “it was gud! I wish u came. Im so nervous that my sales will be low.” Biniro ko nalang xa.. I told him sana pla nkpgpapicture na ng marami cuz the next thing I know he’s famous na, and bka hnd na kami mgkita. But yea Dannie is not mayabang. Wish to see him soon. Btw guys he got lots of tv guestings sa GMA so yea watch out for him. =)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    goodluck to your bubu yzelle 😀

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