I posted a lot here but I can’t remember which post made sense I mean at all. Im currently suffering from the setbacks which if wasn’t for FUN I thought, I never did. Most people will just say that WHAT’S DONE IS DONE and we should just learn from them. But im afraid that wont apply for the moment. Im having a hardtime picking those stuffs that i SHOULD learn as i walk through where ive been. I keep on messing up and i cant freakn figure out why. It feels like if I want to get ot of this i have to START FROM SCRATCH and Im quite sure I am not ready to throw all the trash (which I knew they were all garbage) just because I lived wih those, became my comfy zone blah blah. Most of the time I sucked for breaks thinking after that everything’s gonna change and things will be alright. But even my college retreat didn’t held it for long. I keep making the same mistakes and messing up all over again. Tomrw’s April FOOL’S day, haha.. iono I just remembered. I want to start again. (currently what Im thinking) The thing is, I dont know where. Look. I failed a subject this semester I AM NOT GRADUATING til the next. I dated a bunch of JERKS and still dating. I WASTED a lot of money and still wasting. Now tell me where the hell do I have to start? Typing it all down here makes me wish that I’ll get a good answer  soon since LIFE IS NOT MY FIELD OF EXPERTISE. I watched the movie VIEW FROM THE TOP (Gwyneth Paltrow), made me remember what I used to dream of, and Im afraid i wasnt aware that Im dragging myself away from my dreams. Maybe its really true that YOU ARE YOUR WORST ENEMY and I am keep defeating myself for a long time. Forgot what Ive read from books of confidence& dreams I used to read. I totally made my way out of what I want to become. IM ACCEPTING THINGS now. because Im moving forward. Back to the path that I used to walk on. Even if no one replied on this, I swear Im doing this for myself. Maybe I didn’t failed too much at all. I can still walk, and slowly I wish to se myself as a better person maybe times from now. Of course its not gonna be ovenight. It would take a lot of DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION to finally get there. I will take a step at a time. So PLEASE HELP ME GOD.


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2 Responses to ENTRY 191: ONE WRONG MOVE, IM DEAD.

  1. dnt worie, alam mo God is always good… kahit ano yan ur goin thru.. makakaya mo yan,, cuz ive been thru alot… but im still standing ive learned from all my mistake.. and all those stuff made me a better person… so kya hang in dur.. il be comin soon… thn u can cry and tell me all ur prob.. n il be by ur side n im not gana leave u.. until ur alriet.. tc…

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    aww.. thank you nman Michael. =)

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