Toss. Turn


Yesterday, I spent the rest of the day with Tyrone after class. I even tagged Ish along. I know kc si Ish lang mkakakilatis dun ng mas ok, cuz we know each other so well. Well I can say Tyrone is taking his toll and I’m afraid can’t do anything about it for the moment. Its like im just frozen and just letting things happen. To my surprise, im there. I tried not to like him, kayak o nman e. But im happy wen im with him. And since this is new to me. WOW tlga kc hnd ko ineexpect. As in. the other nite lang I was crying pa while I ws talkn to someone, kc nsaktan tlga ko nung tao. Pero pag ba my dumating na nab ago and u think you can be happy wit that someone, dpat ba mging stucked pa ko in the past? I mean Tyrone knows about my past, and that I date guys. Kaso iba un pinakita saken ni Tyrone. I found my clown, haha! Lagi ako pinapatwa. Iono, I hope this is not one of those feelings na saglit lang mwawala na.. rite now, God knows kng ano si Tyrone for me. Hnd parin ako mkpgcommit. we’ll see.











❤ yzelle

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