Feat. Les, ME & Nelsie

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Kulitan before sleeping.

rite now we just woke up.. were here at Les’ place we slept like 5am in the morning after clubbing… we had fun, then last nite here we watched porn and laughed our hearts out.. hahaha..  we were talkn to michael earlier too.. thats all..argh, wanna go to Alabang and get a new flip flop… but yea Tyrone’s not around, cuz he had to bring the car to the repair shop, he called up this morning.whatever.. btw, Tyrone really cooks good.. damn, so irresistable..lol amazing, i asked him to teach me, then he was like ‘baket magaasawa kn b?’ lol i said no, so sabi nya ‘ xa nlang mgluluto for me, hehe sarap!..





we went to Makati at 11am cuz i had an appointment, im ws so tired cuz after that, i went bak home and changed for my gimik outfit..lol the drive has driven me nuts, on my way home Christian called from Australia askn who am i dating now..whatever thats too personal, hahaha.. lol. BUS NG LETRAN: beep beep!




Les. The driving doll

Les drives to fast sometimes, so yea wag pa sana kme kunin ni Lord..



ME & Kate







we chilled at Sitcom, with these gay people.. lol we did nothing but laugh.. inday garutay was there, geow.. 





Nelsie, ME, Les, Kate & Ish




Well eksena ni Kate at sunwaring 18th bday nya


 so pinaakyat nman xa sa stage to sing..hahaha! GOODTIMES.



Pampering myself.




 fghfg DSC01297


after a tiring week, i decided to haaaayy..sarap. after meeting Tyrone up, i went to the spa.. then went home mga 9pm na.. ok lng i had fun..pafootspa,, hair treatment & manicure w/ ped… one hell of a week!


♥ yzelle

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