Prove me wrong.


I felt really good recently, cuz I hae promven one thing, THAT MY HEART STILL BEATS FOR LOVE. I mean after a long time, this is really new to me. REAL LIFE SOMEONE. Its an achievement na for me. But then iono why ang bilis ng metabolism ng kilig factor saken, wat is this? Sakit?? Lol parang my mgawa lang na I ddnt like, uhm.. like k Ish, MY EKIS KA NA SA ULO..lol aun, wala na kong gana, hehe.. wala pang narrating tong dating na to e I FREAKN WANT OUT na agad.. Maybe eto ung ginagawa ko everytime they get closer. I mean its there, the risk of getting hurt. But you cant blame me. Like what ive told him, im SELFISH, im a BRATT, but I HAVE A HEART. Hindi ako pwedeng masaktan cuz simply, AYOKO.

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8 Responses to ENTRY 185: CHANGE OF MIND

  1. bkit cno bng nagsabi syo na Florez un huh… u wish… che!!! oi my nag hi… say hi bak baka yan na ung hinihintay mo….

  2. blindtarget says:

    ako din pa hi.
    well at least you have an established perception about love. be it selfish or whatever.. it is important that you have it established…
    mine’s distorted. wahaha!

  3. angel_yzelle says:

    >> hi di whatever ue name is.. il get back at ur page laterss..
    >> Mike, haha wala nman ako sinabing Florez ah, ang its Flores with an S..err.. thanks for the call earlier
    >> Blindtarget, cge hi din sau..lol haha..yea yea, gnda ng view ko about love no? anyways, y distorted? uyyy bitter ka tlga.. haha..jp ;p

  4. ako distorted din… and i am broken hearted.. by dis one gurl, u know y she been dating some other guys.. i mean lots of guys… so what do u think i should do.???

  5. angel_yzelle says:

    aww.. i see. well i think you should understand where she’s coming from, there must be a good reason why she dates a lot of guys. After you, she even had a new relationship? well, maybe its just her way of making herself happy at least for the moment. or maybe shes trying to know if she still has life after you.

  6. so u mean to say i should just jump to a relationship so i can be happy and have a life.. n just forget about wat ever feelns i have for her… so wat do u think… i mean its summer time again i knoe il find one… >>>???

  7. angel_yzelle says:

    it depends on you. if you think that it wud make you happy then go for it. Lets see if in that way ul forget ur feelings for her if thats waht you really wana do. yea its summer. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.u had a great time rite. and you can do that all over again, even if its not summer. nobody’s gna stop u.

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