It started with HELLO and ended with GOODBYE.

As most love stories go,

We were strangers

Who fell in love at first sight.

It should have been a perfect fairytale,

Except he didn’t turn out to be the perfect prince.

There were wicked lies and painful truths

Thet lay behind his smiling eyes.

So this is where our story ends.

And if I could write everything all over again,






…& cuz everything happens for a reason.



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4 Responses to ENTRY 184: HELLO & GOODBYE

  1. Naotakun69 says:

    Hmm. That entry… It speaks a lil bit too hard about my current situation.
    Take of yourself. Much mahal.

  2. blindtarget says:

    hay… ganun talaga…
    love and pain = package deal. =(

  3. ey buddy dats my line…everything happn for a reason by Michael F. Eloso..hehe

  4. angel_yzelle says:

    Naotakun>>.. lol aww thanks for dropping by…be safe too. ü
    Blindtarget>> haha.. who will freakn pay for that kind of package? haha err.. thanks thanks, yea gnun tlgaa..
    Michael>> ano?? u dnt own that line..lol kelan pa naging F middle initial mo..hahaha ;p

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