First, wow my new house mates again and yea its Bruce & Dionne.. so yea lets just watch out for em.. =)

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* the other nite when i got bored on my laboratory class sa stat, i went downstairs muna to catch sum air, then darn nainggit ako on what i saw, i forgot that nite pla un alis ng bus for the Ilocos tour. i miss the tours, konti nlng kc un tour ko then patapos naa cuz il b graduating, ewan ko its really my passion and i think il be doing that for the rest of my life cuz if not, parang failure para saken..



I miss ILOCOS!



Lost in Vigan dramuh!


That nite dine I was talkn to mam Angela, yun nga I told her mamimiss ko un tour, lagi kc kme un mgkaroom mate, and I must say s imam tlga walang keme yan pag nsa tour kya halos nging barkada ko naa… She tod me that the next internatonal tour will be on KOREA my oh my!!!! Lol sabi nya sken “diba u want to go to Korea?” “OO NAMAN AS IN!!” haha so yea next August, damn I’m going to Korea!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!



I’m going to KOREA next year!


nga pla this coming last week of march pupunta kme sa Puerto with my friends wow miss ko na sila Mackys! nakikinita ko na, i remember tuloy wen we were in Cebu! talaga nman ang paggala na ginawa e walang humpay! hahaha.. so yea i bet saya n nman nito, isa pa all star ang casting, with Ingrid, Carla, at ang mga best gays ever ko na roOmmate na si Kev and Nel! GEOW!



At Ratsky’s Cebu with my friends



aww.. si Joey nga pla umuwi sa New Jersey. sad na kme.



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