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hmm i havnt stayed long in front of my pc for a couple of days, wen i sit here i just check my mails and all that. well after that retreat tinatamad na tlga ko..lol i just want to sleep all day..anyways,  thanks for the dinr last nite Tyrone. Well this guy even introduced me to his family, pati mga kapitbahay, natawa nman ako. anyways, Tyrone is a new friend,  na lagi akong sinasamahan..lol ayun, kwento lang.



At the extended lobby. (pic credit: Nels)


 hmm.. yesterday nga pla opening ng Tourism-HRM week so yea my flaring competition rin mamaya, my friend Jed invited me to watch kc kasali xa, well i know Jed is good in flaring tlga..



She looks happy though.


nga pla si Eka, ndrop out na rom skul… sayang … sa totoo lang, i nasusuka ko k pi, her bf sa mga pinaggagagawa nya k eka, kapal ng mukha, hnd xa marunong mahiya, parang hnd kme mgkakaibigan at ginago nlng ng gnon un friend ko.. nako. makarma sana.



for Ericka.


* Btw PBB as we all know opened its season 2 last Sunday and yea, soOper hooked na nman ako nito i bet. hmm well i like Mickey. lol





Name: Michael Richard Perz

Origin: Switzerland

Age: 22

Birthdate: June 1, 1984

Birthplace: Vienna, Austria

Nationality: Eurasian

Describe yourself: Kind, reliable, funny, Big Bear, helpful

Biggest failure: “I find it hard to accept my mistakes.”



Brewing romance?
February 27, 2007 9:08 PM

Wk102270850PM-mickeyngeean.jpgWhile Zeke, Nel, Wendy, and Saicy enjoyed their dinner, Gee-Ann spent some time alone crying. Mickey later went to her side and offered her some tissue.

With some difficulty, the two talk about why Gee-Ann is crying. After pointing out some words in the English-German dictionary and mention of the word Big Brother, the two came to a sort of understanding as to the reason behind Gee-Ann’s crying moment.

Probably not one to leave a crying woman alone, Mickey kept Gee-Ann company. He even tried to convince her to eat, saying – with a lot of sign language and word-pointing at the dictionary – that he’ll eat only when Gee-Ann does.

Wk102270900PM-mickeyngeean2.jpgHe later on tried to make Gee-Ann feel better by trying to make some “no-need-for-words” jokes.

Why was Gee-Ann crying? Is this the start of a Mickey-Gee-Ann romance? Find out more during PBB Season 2 Primteime, after Maria Flordeluna. You can also text BBNews to 2366 to get the latest PBB news on your mobile phones.

*** aNYWAYS happy bday to my ex Gerry n to Jimmer! iono if l be able to come. Ger called me up the other nite to invit me over for his bday something.. so yea ima go now..laters!

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3 Responses to ENTRY 177: UPDATES.

  1. Anonymous says:

    PBB fanatic din ako :D.. kala ko talaga dati di marunong mag-english and tagalog si mickey.. hehe.. pahiya tuloy ako.

  2. super_dimple says:

    I sooo love Mickey! Sana maging loveteam sila ni GeeAnn. Promise! I want a doll din like Pamela. 😦 Inggit!

  3. angel_yzelle says:

    oo mare soOper… di pa nga sa season 1 e actually nabaliw ako sa PBB ten edition naa… gosh!

    Dimplesyea yea bagay sila ni gee ann…. wee…

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