“Being apart from you is even harder than I thOught it could be. I tried telling myself that it wont be forever, but thats not much comfort when I really need is  a touch from you and kiss you and love you. Sometimes I close my eyes and hold a picture of you in my mind and imagine all the things I’d say if I had you here, but no matter how beautiful the picture, it will never compare to the real thing, looking into your eyes, whispering your name ad kissing your lips. I miss you so much and I can’t wait for the day when I stop holding on to a dream and start holding you in my arms again…” -MICHAEL

thanks for giving Mikee to me.

I still carry this around. Ü LOVE IT, LOVE IT.



* btw ONE TREE HILL –  Season pilot episode last nite!! im so happy to see them again!!! whew!

Current mood:cheezwhiz cheesy actually.lol




BTW, i just wanna share this story.. actually i watched this last friday, the MAalaala Mo Kaya in Korea Episode with Rica & Zanjoe.. i foirgot to write it off haha..anyways here are some pics..





I realized in this story, that walang pinipiling time un LOVE, it can find you anywhere, sometimes when you least expect it pa nga from the story itself. In the story Mark & April met in Korea and spent just 6 days to fall in love, wow..bilis diba.. maybe sometimes hindi totoo na u need to get to know the person for so many years before falling inlove, haha shit it happens pla..,lol and yea Korea is soO beautiful, I wish I could go there one winter, tangerks not to fall inlove no, I mean I loved the place and ive heard a lot too.. since mahilig rin ako sa Korean dramas nako..pupunta ko ng Korea one day, sana pgkagraduate ko aa..lol anyways HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL and stay inlove.. para nman sa loveless like me.. hmm.. stay happy.. one day my darating nman. =))




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1 Response to ENTRY 171: HAPPY ♥ DAY!

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah napanood ko din yan yzelle & maganda talaga yung episode nila 😀 so kilig hehe
    happy puso 😀

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