Actually, kakanood ko lang nito. haha ntatawa ko sa sarili ko ksi soOper nman un kilig ko sa PH, err.. tlgang Valentine’s na anyways harhar.. basta kilig!! lol

* On the other hand, my day went good nman so far. SAD sya. since exam week parin wala mxadong tao, kulitan, at palipas oras. i went straight mome then eto nga till now im still workn on a project. actually wala ko pasok bukas, i mean mamaya, but ppnta ko ng skul, i have to borrow some hand outs..

* Nga pla i forgot to mention, i ditched a guy last weeknd, una 10am dpat my date kme..haha an aga, but yea i ws suppose to spend the day with him, i moved it to 1pm, then the last minute i calledthe date off.. he ws mad, darn, ngprepare yta ng todo, i duno. This guy is a businessman kc. dpt dw i dnt do that, changing my plans without telling him cuz my mga pina cancel pla xang meetings with important people then d ko nman xa sisiputin. but then i said sorry. tpos he called last nite to say that its ok. n that maybe it wsnt meant that time.

* Hmm.. Last Sunday din, si Mr. EFFORT i mean Christian, grabe na sa effort haa.. from alabang kc last Saturday we decided to go home muna to get sum clothes. but then we wernt able to go back to manila cuz dinala ni Ron un sasakyan. no choice, we tried to call Glenn, Ish’s friend, but then hnd pwede. c Christian nman since hindi kme nakaalis, he went to Laguna at 12am from Intramuros, impressive. the fact that Leslie’s place is tlgang saksakan nman ng layo.. bilib nko, but still hnd ko pa rin sinasagot. ayun.

* Today, Dannie txtd just to argue? UNBELIEVABLE! that “FINE, YOU COULD HV MET WIT ME D OTHER NITE, NOW U MITE NT HAVE D CHANCE ANYMORE FOR A LONG TIME JST BECUZ IT WS GURLS NITE.” ewan ko jan, hbang tumatagal ngsusungit…. err..

Inlove nko kay Gian.








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1 Response to Addicted

  1. Anonymous says:

    yay…. inaakit ka na ni Gian sis… hehe ako si Troy kainis siya hahaha.. amishu

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