ENTRY 166: PMS.tss.




Err it hurts, I mean having the period, its my first day yesterday, good thing I was able to explain everything there at the defense.. hate it. Anyways, I had a great time last nite after the defense my co-dancers had a good bonding time together, we made some magic tricks caught on video..lol il post it here soon..lol Then we went home at almost 11pm na just bcuz of that. I miss those times! Haha..


Anyways, were having a DANCE CONCERT on March so yea, il be workn on my feet again, rehearsals na nman!! Which I really miss naa…. I wanna dance I wanna dance, and now were not the opening act or guests anymore, ITS OUR VERY OWN CONCERT!!!!


Nga pla Muarky n i (from SF) just had a lil chit chat today i mean just a sec ago i guess, we were talkn about Shin (our Jap friend) cuz, hes been kinda weird lately, and doesnt talk to us AT ALL. i wonder whats the prob. Twinie just texted me and said she sae my ex (been with him for 2yrs almost) haha… so yea.. and were planning to hit Total again tonite! well, sounds like FUN … ima go now. Latersss…






2:16pm: After Chem Class


after my Chem class, since sobrang aga ko nman kc pinalabas, cuz ngexam lan, aun.

* I have a story, remember from the NEW WEEK entry i mentioned the twins, mukhang mas close ko na si Gabe haha, well i met Glenn first, but yea npakadaldal ni Gabe un lang, were planning to have dinner tonite but yea if i can escape from my girls, il go.. lol anyways… lets go FFF!! 




OUTFIT #1  ___ please check! hehe




36713023 36238174


i soO want these tops!!




11:16pm: Total Halang III



Mox, Ish, Eka, ME & Nelson




Break up queens




sumama lang.lol




milk for me. haha




of course gatas no.. i dnt drink!



break up trio




  with dadi n Jayjay

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1 Response to ENTRY 166: PMS.tss.

  1. Anonymous says:

    huwaw ganda ng mga damit I’m sure bagay sayo lahat yan 😀
    huwaw dance concert! gudluck sa dance concert na yan… ako din I do LOVE to dance dancer din ako nung gradeschool and highschool..

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