219 *After a really long day.. Ish, Me & Mox ended up in Totaol Halang gas station till almost 11pm. with uhm, well SAN MIG LIGHT AND STRONG ICE BOTTLES.

* but before that, we watched a musical at skul from 7:30-9pm. it ws great, but yea im nt really a huge fan of ‘Komedya’. anyways, i went to the library..(wow!) even before that, but d book i ws lookn for was out..hate it!

*back to Total, I DIDNT DRINK ok.. i dont drink. we talked about break ups, cuz Mox n his EX Lucky just broke up recently, Eka n Pie too..damn everyone’s breakn up.. haha im lucky i dnt have someone to break up with.lol so i cnt really relate, but i gave Mox some advices too. Ish n Buloy, her bf, are hving a hard time too. well i just wish them the bet of luck.



* we also talked about this year’s LOVA PALOOZA this Feb 10. were planning to go actually.. i dnt have someone to go with. lol we’ll just kiss any goodlookn guy there, lol


this was taken last year, as couples lock their lip for 10 sec to set a record of most number of kissing couples in one place!


*just got out of my Statistics Laboratory class and im all smiling!*


.well, actually i was late for that class cuz my previous professor extended the class til 7..so yea. Wen i got to the classroom, they were already takn the test and i dnt even have a piece of paper to write on, hehe(very good student!) but then sum cute classmate gave me a paper and then i started to take the test. all ofmy classmates werelike NANGANGAMOTE already, kht nman ako when i dnt attend the lecture class, but then i attended the class yesterday and the lesson was quite easy to get namn so yea nun exam i did great! wee… so hmm daths the story!! hehe THANK YOU LORD!


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2 Responses to ENTRY 161: TOTAL, HALANG/GREAT DAY!

  1. Anonymous says:

    waah pumunta kami last year sa baywalk nun… with my friends nanood kami ng mga sweethearts na nag smoochies hehe.. that time mga single kami pero sila taken na ngayon ako single pa rin hahaa!!!

  2. relmege says:

    haha, i’ve seen that korean soap. Where that guy was that girl’s sister, but he really liked her anyway. Something like that.

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