A Long Day


m30480410* i mis my Korean drama already…. huhu

SMILING AGAIN.– haha…wala lang kc akong magawa.. im at home.. eto hnd mkatulog, trying to get sum solution for my probs here a net..lol jp! well, i still have to move out if i dnt wnt to get hurt, hah.. tho nkakasmile nako t least sum o my headaches are gonnneee!! to think of it, its my fault nman why things turned out like this, yea u knw sum wrong choices i made.. tada!! WELCOME TO HELL! lol but i want things to get better for me, ewan ko ba most of the time inatake prn ako ng katamaran that i tend to waste time instead of doing wt i need to do, like now i should be sleepn but yea lhat yta ng hobby ko d2 a nrt are open, I NED MORE FOCUS, hnd lng ako kulang non halos wala.. but yea bloggn like this nman is my way of reflecting nrin, since hnd lhat ng oras i hv  someone to talk to rite.. so, hmm.. i ws talkn to my mom earlier, and parng i cant leave her nman tho shes always yelling at me, i love her. she doesnt knw bout my plans, it doest mean nman dt il be gone for good, IM JUST MOVING OUT. i nedd my space u knw…. thats it na muna bout mee.. antok nako leche katxt ko pa tong si Archie!!! tae ayaw matulog?lol laters….

11:40amI just out of my General Chemistry class, actually i missed half of it cuz i was late.. anyways, i  almost fell from the stairs on my way here.. i mean what the fuck! haha i looked like a total idiot out there i hurt my knees good thing i was able to hold sumwer.. Thank God. well, im just waiting for ish so we cud have luch and then my next class is at 4:30 pm damn… so yea.. catch u guys later il just surf for that research paper in Sociology.. mwuahhh


dont make me come down there

haha i just saw this icon.. really interesting..lolhala!! ann hour and a half to go and im going to class… tagal… well i had a good ampalaya for lucnh with my twinie ish.. lol and sum oishi crackers rite now, lol wat cud be more relaxing plus, im blog hopping..haha! *NERD MODE* i wish i could still smile wen i get home later.. tss good luck! ha!


“True strength of charcter is not calculated by how well we manage to carry on some sizable load under challenging conditions, but measured by our ability to remain kind & light spirited even when were sure we cant bear the weight of one more ounce of life.”– my quote for the day
just got done watching Princes Hours, wooow ganda kaso nkkainis un episode for tmrw, Gian will be busted that he ws with Monique sa Thailand..err… i hate that bitch!lol * anyways earlier we had dinner at Chinee‘s place(co-dancer) we celebrated her 17th bday, so yea..PANCIT MALABON i crave!!! hehe.. its also Ren‘s 21st bday so yea its a double celeb. And u knw wt, he gave me something, kinda baligtad cuz its his bday but yea, its a “thank you” gift daw for being nice..awwww.* and silly Dannie nagaaya to go out tonite..as if. its late n my place is hella far from Taft Avenue.. well, bubu is really sweet. thats all..hope he gets hme soon, yan ngtxt naa.. ima go do my powerpoint presentation for tmrw… goodnite bloggers. THANKS LORD FOR EVERYTHING, no drama today! yay.. so yea dats my goal everyday..


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2 Responses to A Long Day

  1. Naotakun69 says:

    Kumusta… I can’t really understand tagalog but salamat for the comment. The situation is gay but it’ll pass and I’ll realize “why am I moping?.. I’m in Japan, why am I not partying?” I just need to vent.
    She just means alot.

  2. harlo :)cheers for the comment 😛 i thought it was somebody i knew so i saw you and i’m like …. ???? huh??? 😛 lolquite the face you have missy but i’m sure u’ve heard that before :)where you based?

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