College Day!!!



* feat Jose Manalo, Teri & Spongecola.. an performances from our Dance crew…


* Rui being harrassed onstage..lol


* Wangboo, lol ts Jose!!



Teri: Anong name mo?

Rui: Ruji po.

Teri: anong course mo?

Rui: BS – Computer Science po.

Teri: Ah.. Ilang years ka na lang?

Rui: Graduating na po.

Teri: Ah mabuti, konti na lang gagastusin ko.

All: Laughs(from Nels



* teri..


* Sheena thats my candycane!!!

DSC00887 4

* theres a GhOST!!


* Lucky & ME * haha sounds like a noodle..lol


* front seats baby! plus… backstage encounter!

DSC00921 DSC00918 DSC00915

* Kate, Kathy, Me & Ish


* me & Melai, after facing Yael..lol



You are where your thoughts and actions during the last few years have brought you. Whatever you will be experiencing in the next ten or twenty years will be influenced by what you do today. Your friends, your family, your job, your bank balance, where you will be living- all these things are being shaped by what you choose to do.

Life is a building process. What you do today affects what you will have tomorrow. Life doesn’t happen in twenty four hour water tight compartments. Today’s effort creates tomorrow’s results. Whether you set some goals, whether you save or spend, whether you exercise your body, whether you stretch your mind-your decision makes the difference.

The ignorant never see it. Astute people know it. What we do today is important.

You can get away with being casual and careless for a while but, sooner or later, things catch up with you. Leave your bills unpaid, your work undone, and your problems to everyone else and you may manage for a month or so. Then one day the walls fall in and you wonder why there is no fun in your work, no money in the bank, and nobody is friendly anymore. It is life reminding you that one day plus another has an accumulative effect.

Bottomline: Wherever you are, it is the place to start. The effort you expend today does make a difference. Live right. Be humble..-REPOSTED


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1 Response to ENTRY 159: COLLEGE DAY

  1. Anonymous says:

    waaaahh!!! ILOVEYAEL rock on spongecola! m/

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