* ddnt won the title… but yea it all good. i met new friends and as long as we stood there, we are all winners already. the nite went good though its a bit stressful.. btw i LOST  my cellphone.. so hmm goodbye.. im tired. haaaayy.. i need a week vacation..lol i wish i cud do that.. =)

* by the way, wat i ddnt like in tonite’s pageant.. the judge Ish told me that MAYBE Ina being one of the judges is like..hmm suicide.. why? cuz she and her friends Arpil blahblah hates me..  a lil recap on that last year this gurl April uhm her ex boyfriend 21984498436065l chose me over her and accused me that i stle her boyfriend..wtf! duh.. she watched the pageant with her army of err duno wat to call them including the judge, and yea i heard her yelling sumthin wen i was on the ramp, but i ddnt hear it. Kevin, tol me that (april>>>)”pagpasenxahan mo nlng un, alm m na..” i mean she hasnt moved on yet? my new bf na xa, but stil hinihiya nya prin herse;f by doing crazy stuffs like that. SHE LOST MORE THAN I DID.                 (april>>>)hnd na nkamove on si baklang “ganda lang” as wat she call herself..freakn lowlife.. shes cheap. (and if ever u come to read this post April, no violent reactions please..never asked u to read this go build ur own site n say blah blah bout me…..)

* of course pictures…*

DSC00817 DSC00816

* i enjoyed this costume so much..my fave!


DSC00834 DSC00833



* credits *


-Ingrid, Nelson of course my twinie Ish n stylist Bobby & ldc family










♥ yzelle

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1 Response to ENTRY 155: THE BIG NIGHT

  1. Anonymous says:

    hmm.. tapos na pala ang pageant niyo naalala ko tuloy yung friend ko na sinabi ko sayo na model din.. hehe sumali naman siya sa Ms. UE.
    pero ang naging Ms. UE namin yung girl na nasa MTV ng Dobidoo ng Kamikazee.. si Doobie hehe… si Alexis Go 😀
    I like your costume too.. mukha ka nang Indian 😀 sa costume mo.. ganda pa ng style ng damit.

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