“They say that the smarter women get, the harder it is for them to find the right man… “

— Dimples

* is this true?? anyways.. i havnt been so focused this past few days, i missed a few classes. Sometimes because im too lazy to get my ass to class and sometimes cuz theres a lot going on right now. i’d rather sit here in front of my pc and manage xanga to be a bit relaxed. But i knoe there will be a bitter punishment for this that i wish i cud handle. i wanna say sorry to myself. i havnt been responsible enough.

* anyways, since i havnt been on last nite cuz i was soO tired from the rehearsal of the cheerdance competition, im gna post some new pics taken yesterday to keep u bloggers posted..lol and oh, we also had the press conference for the pageant yesterday. and before that i recvd a call from my ex Michael from IL, while having lunch.. unexpected..

yzel2 yzel1

 — with the other candidates

  * with my very supportive friends Eka & Chinee, haha..just makin fun of my big tarp in school… haha.. ima go now! got class! laters..


* just got home and im freakn tired… plus nsstress nko sa cheering na yan tho gusto ko nman un gngwa ko, but then wen i say that i have to home at 10pm.sana nman wala ng kokontra, im trying to discipline myself and its really not safe for me to gome alone during those times, i mean hello were in the Philippines.. and please its not my only commitment, i have my pageant n thesis.. im trying to balance everything.. so yea to my co-dancers, sorry but i have to be home by 10pm…

22987112030504l *and nga pla, guess who i saw earlier..my famous Ex BOYFRIEND Nicky.. i ws shocked.. bat xa andon, i ws dancing and he passed by and we said our his.. haha! i just remembered, being with him, haha!  i had the first of everything with that maangas na Nicky na yan.. lol darn remember this face?? tss. pasaway tlaga..we had a rollercoaster relationship! haha…

*by the way miss u bigtime Jimmer!! mwuah!


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2 Responses to ENTRY 152: JUST A THOUGHT

  1. Anonymous says:

    ang cute naman ng banner niyo hee
    i love BSB din hehe na miss ko tuloy si Nick Carter tsaka si AJ haha D:

  2. super_dimple says:

    OMG, gurlfriend! so true. haaay. It’s when you’re lonely and you ask for comfort and all you can do is hold your own hand…

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