— damn guys i love this show so much.. haha! i want to buy a dvd so i cud watch it naaaa..lol but its not out in the market.. err! i am so hooked with this Korean drama these days.. hahaha! Prince Gian is so gorgeous!


prince gian


— Today, classes resume so yea, i have to run to skul today lol… just wanted to drop something here on my blogidoo!!! lol hmm… i have e exams for today(?) rehearsal by 2pm.. so laterssss.. gotta run now..


— my oh so BI bestfriend Ish and I skipped classes taena..tamang tama good way to start the year, hala… we ended up here at Topher’s place (her bestfriend, ha! whatever..) waiting for my bestfrien Louie, were going somewhere, darn i duno.. ha! tss…i am such a lazy ass today… hehe… walang magawa.. btw iv seen Nelson’s post when we went to Makati..haha on his blogsite, i have a picture there that i ddnt knw when ws taken, haha..

tae haha!

— haha taeng Ish took this… lol


well we just got home.. me & my bestfriends Louie & Ish, we watched a movie..and the movie was awesome.lol really funny.. its Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo lol yea conry and soOper cheesy..haha! kinacareer ko na yta me being soO hopeless romantic..lol well, wala ang ganda lang talaga..eee!! loved it soO much, well..i have a new FEAR this year..”GETTING MARRIED” tho im planning to be married nman..lol so yea im calling it a day, cuz, mgrereview pko and yea.. dnt want to miss Princess Hours tonite! mwuah mwuah! Thank God fr the great day.. Louie for the popcorn, ride and goodtime.. mwuah! love my bestfriendssss….

❤ yzelle

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1 Response to ENTRY 147: PRINCESS HOURS..

  1. Anonymous says:

    aww. princess hours!!! ILOVEPRINCETROY a lot hehe he is so cute 😀

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