– damn i havnt been on for a couple of days and i miss, myspace & too much blogging..lol, just wana mention whats been going on, well, yesterday we had modelling rehearsals, and a meeting too for the cheerdance competetion next year. btw, on January 6th, im flying to Cebu again, and then Bohol, Davao..whatever i duno… then the beachwear coverage wil be on 13th, presscon on 14th i guess.. coronation night is on 19th, so goodluck, and im so tired.

– Anyways, just to clear things up, im NOT INLOVE with that Christian guy, he’s just a friend, and i ddnt see it coming, i mean his weird feelings.. but yea thats the truth, its not because of you Michael, you’ve done enough, let’s just drop the “US” cuz theres no us anymore. were friends, thats all. you dont know what you’re talkn about.

– I want to thank the guys who tried to be a part of my life, i appreciate it. tho i never gave you anythig more than friendship, ur still there. i just wish u appreciated it too that ive been honest with you that all i have to give is friendship.

– BROKEN SMILE. yea true, but i still look for reasons to make me real happy, i have friends and loved ones, and i thank God for that. God isnt mean, he knows what Ive been through, and i belv that he has wonderful plans for me ahead. and when the rite time comes that i really needed to be with someone that cud help me with everything, i know he will give me a great package..

– My PAST WILL ALWAYS BE MY PAST, but i learned how to move forward. And there is no turning back, let’s just live with it.

– My FUTURE. im almost done with college. Im gna get what I want, the life i want and everything. And today hmm.. Jimmer is the man.hehe

❤ yzelle

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1 Response to ENTRY 140: BROKEN SMILE

  1. eto high blo0d hehe.. i was jst plyn.. i knoe whre gud friend lng… dats gud wre still friends… i was jst bord at work… un lng… well ptapos ka na.. libre namn ohhh!!! cge budy ingats na lng

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