2282795592 ** its raining really hard on a Sunday…sigh!.. anlamig sobra… im feeling better today, so yea, i guess il be fine naa.. lol i dnt evn knw why my toyo yta ako this past week..darn!

— anyways.. i just watched this old movie on HBO, hehe…it is so one my fave movies from now on, CHANCES ARE..

chances are

— well thats it ngandahan lang ako, i wonder who ar even what am I in my past life..lol is it true? lol haha, this is really funny..

— By the way, last nite ive seen the episode of Sports Unlimited where they covered the event last October at CWC, i mean the 1st Wakeboarding Nationals, here in pi. nakakamiss tuloy un CWC, wish i could go back there soon.. haha~! i miss camsur! i wish typhoon Reming ddnt ruin that place well, as we all know, it hit Bicol..darn..


– not so long ago…lol

— and look hus doin good on tv! im so proud of you pakner!




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