— Well its 4:30pm rite now and i have nothin to to.. im here at the surfing lab because my freako professor is absent again!! darn… hmm ive been here earlier and Ish and I just ate out and im freakn back now..

— Damn i saw this girl on myspace, someone that i used to know, i mean not a friend alrite.. actually she hates me..lol well, i ws going through myspace and i landed on her page, i ws like “dang! is she pregnant?” cuz shes a skinny gurl but yea i noticed her tummy..lol anyways, thats totally non of my business so, end of story..

— I just wana say that i like the past week better than this one.. i missed a lot of classes today plus my Tourism Law professor ws absent the whole week! damn she is one lazy ass and what else did i miss, the sociology class, yea thats all. il catch up next week i promise, cuz i have to…

— I am a bit mad, Ingrid really signed me up for that pageant! damn! i mean hello… tss. well, its there i should lose weight really fast, im a bit worried cuz when ws the last pageant i joined, errrr! been ages! well, im not expecting to get this title but yea, il do it for fun..hehe i think its gna be ok,,hehe with all my friends behind me.. ha!


— maybe i just ddnt start the week so rite, so yea ima do it this cumin week,

— and oh, Nelson is asking me bout the previous entry, bettre ask Jimmer..lol so hmm, im calln it a day! *kisses*


❤ yzelle

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