comfy zone

* this is my comfort zone… when everythings so blurry, the beach is here for me… *

For all you know, i just hit 20. Strange enough even before that i had this feelng. Felt like im changing. I’ve been listening to counrty music lately and that is so not the ME that i know..lol I stopped arguing with my parents when they yell at me. Weird huh. its so sudden. I talk about grown up stuffs most s the time too. I listen more to what people are trying to tell me. wtf? JUST SO NOT YZELLE..

When i was 19, i almost believe that  im a SCREW UP, only to realize now that i just screwed a couple of things ha! I argue with my parents, get into catfights, go home late…or even worse i dont. My parents were like, “Do not go home, and get your clothes and ass out of here!” lol funny though… I never missed any parties and any gatherings and all those popularity stuff that i used to love..lol went everyday to school with thick make up on..(hmm, but not thick thick, you knw..) Used to love guys too, and evn play bet with some of my girlfriends and ending up hurting other people. I USED TO BE A MEAN ASS… dang! and i never noticed.. All i knew ws  to have FUN, FUN & FUN. I ws never thabkful of what i have.

NOW, i dont want guys.. but a MAN who’s responsible and have this positive outlook in life, that unfortunately I CANT SEEM TO FIND and now im not lookn for him NO MORE. (I dnt evn hv plans of getting married! duh!~lol) I dnt even go out on a date, JUST DNT FEEL LIKE IT. I go home straight from the friday nite class.. AND THAT IS JUST SO WEIRD! lately ive been wearing the simpliest YZELLE i know. DO YOU REALLY THIK THIS IS NORMAL? And now im always greatful ad thankful evn for those little things.. i learned to appreciate them. THANK YOU LORD, for whatever you did to me.. it feels so GOOD!

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1 Response to ENTRY 130: WHAT IT DO?

  1. Anonymous says:

    first, the photo is great.. very, very, uh, very good.. lol. whatever, very well said girl, second, that music caught me ha! (story of a girl) and lastly, i think, you are just growing, like every individual do. so don’t feel odd.. i am too.. im now running a non-acad org. hehe (Vice :P),  now that we’re adults na, think we should be more responsible, and ish too, she’s so not ish these past few days.. she’s masipag na.. she answered my assignment, can you believe that? thanks to her btw.. so, wish i could comment more on your blogs..

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