— well i only got one class today and im loving it lol my day started really great, i woke up at around 6am and listened to my fave morning show on radio (Magic 89.9) GOOD TIMES.. the topis was freakn awesome.. it was “WHY DO FOXY RICH GURLS ONLY DATE RICH GUYS..” lol it was really fun listening to them well there were three of them (Mo Twister, Andy Nine *Luis Manzano’s cuzin if you know im and Mojojojo..lol) they made Andy as their example and for me that freakn embarrassing! lol But yea, it made me think too.. Mo even said thats its the norm..lol so yea… but i agree to what he said that the world wud fall if you’re someone they know they can reach, i mean really why is there such a barrier between two worlds, i mean are there  really two worlds? haha… this is confusing , haha….. i mean me, id rather uhmm, and i know i wud fall for someone bcuz of the personality rather than what he HAS… well i know most gurls nowadays wont date guys with less money, i mean they evn hve to drive a plane, lol…but i think i wud fall head over heels for someone who can show all the creativity from the things that he has…aww! shocker?? im just shallow…. lol

— more on that, on my way to skul, darn this guy on the jeepney he is masturbating…that freaked me out…jeez…thats soO gross!!!! i told Mark about it..lol hi there Mark..

❤ yzelle

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