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— who would have thought…hahaha!!!


–darn im 20! First, i wanna thank GOD for the past years and for giving me another one… i cant believe it, time is running so fast… i dnt evn have enough time to catch up.. anyways im 20.. damn what can i say? lol thank you Lord for the wonderful blessings..

— Though my family forgot about my bday, i thank God for givin me wonderful friends, i dont know wat am i gna do without them.. those times wen i felt like shit, they were there.. goodtimes/badtimes…omg! and to Ish of course i wna thank her, Jacky for those advices that i really badly needed, u hepled me a lot on being a better person. =), i owe u grl.. Felix, for teaching me that real friends fight, lol thanks for the opportunities..youre a great guy.. pakner Ruibles for the good ti,es thank you, and for being there for me always, to dadi Mico for always makin me laugh darn!!! love you guys.. and to the rest of my friendsss..

— Still of course, i thank my parents for raising me.. the three of us, i know its really hard, and life here in pi, damn everyone can imagine.. i owe u my life guys, i love you so much even if we dont get along well Pa, i know u care.. and i cant wait for the day that i can hug u and cry to you like i used to when i was little. i just wna tell you i dont hate u at all. and i love you. To my mom, hmmm dang Ma, 20 yrs!! u gotta be pretty tough..lol i love you so much. You know guys i have lot of plans for you, and i promise one day, il be able to cover those times wen i came too short.. im sorry… also for not being the perfect daugther for you guys, but i want you to know u still did a great job.. I LOVE YOU GUYS.. im a better person now.

* 10 things I wanna do!!!!

Well I actually have this list posted on my corkboard..

1. Finish college of course..

2. work, work & work… to help my amily financially…

3. Find my own place and move out plus a car..lol

4. Travel with my family

5. Establish my own business…

6. I wanna be the editor of a fashion magazine! haha…

7. To be a travel show host…lolxx..

8. Enjoy being a gorgeous bachelorette..hahahaha

9. Have kids…

10. Get married, if I’m lucky enough to find someone for real… OR JUST TRAVEL THE WHOLE WORLD!!! yay!!

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1 Response to ENTRY 126: MY 20TH BIRTHDAY!

  1. hamtaro0529 says:

    ……..happy birthday yzelle!!!!!!!!!!!!,”)

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