ENTRY 123: SEMBREAK 2006!!! =))

 Sembreak: October 2oo6


— well i havnt posted sumthing here after the finals, cuz ive been more than busy during the break, can you believe that, haha! Well ive been OUT for a vcation and i really had a blast..

— 90% GALA and 10% thesis lol…thats wat happened there in Bicol…the place rocks.. and i promise il be back soon, lol

— Rite after the final tests, Monday we left for Bicol, yea u knw to unwind and get sum data for my thesis paper which happens to be my topic..lol soOper interesting..and sOO meeeeeeee….

–Finally ntapos n yang Felix-Yzelle tampuhan cuz of this vcation, well pwede b namang sirain ung mgandang bkasyon lol…ha ha! love ko ORGY family forlife no..no matter wat! — I had soO much fun sa CWC, i met a lot of new friends as well..im gna miss them..

— I had the greatest time of my life there..lol i mean one of.. i met BRIAN GRUBB? i mean hello, its not like i can meet a Brian Grubb on every Island,lol and that was just soO awesome.. — AND HE;S EVEN ON MY MYSPACE LIST! Can you believe that..lol SWEET!


— anyways, weve seen Marc Nelson as well, and a lot of other people too… then new friends, lol of course Felix’s cousins were there.. =)


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