— FINALLY IM BACK HOME… well yea i wanted to stay in Singapore for good anyways..but yea i cn wait til graduation..

— maybe konting preview muna cuz sa dami ng pictures haay..nahihilo ako! lol


Sentosa Luge! me & Joyce


*Derich, Cyndz, Keisheen, Mee & Joyce*


* Johur Baru Malaysia! im the one in green..=)


*this one’s in Batam Indonesia..lol *


* waiting in vain..lol *


* coffee makes the world go round..lol *

yzelle — well just wna update on wat is happening rite now.. i learned a good lesson from sum1 lately.. yea i think sumtimes secrets are better kept as it is, cuz ul nver knw wats gna happen nxt, after letting the world knw about it.. im not soO happy rite now and if YOU are reading ths u knw why..so yea il wait til December maybe, then tell me wats the next step..

— Im quite disturbed rite now, cuz you knw im hvin probs with my family n sumtimes i jst wna stay out of our house just to breathe..anyways, Jacky n Ish is here for me..and im so greatful tht they are..as well as the Orgy bois, lub u guys so much..

— so yea i better go now.. dnt wna be late for skool.. il post the pics from Indonesia n Malaysia reall soon..

— Thank you Lord for the wonderful blessings..

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