** i think i did a great job here! i took this picture! haha… Nice one Dale! galing!

— i came home past 9pm tonite frm d rehearsal. Diffrnt frm my typical weekend sked, i jst stayed hme..Tonite, i watched the m0vie ‘the lakehouse’ again.. Yea ive seen dat m0vie a c0uple of times but funny i cnt stil get enuf of it.. Its about waiting.. Mybe its true dat i wil nver end up wit sum1 i love n sum1 hu loves me.. Instead, i wil end up wit d person whos in d rite place n time..

— Wel i believe in that,(pero sna xa na un). Right now i am inlove wit ds person but, i knw we cnt b 2gether YET, but im nt gving up on him.. Mybe it is nt yet d right time 4 us 2 b 2gethr. But i really am hoping that we cud b together.. Being inlove this fast has nvr hppened 2me before. But im trusting d way i feel rite nw. Though ive been through a lot of failed relationships, i knw i wil never, ever get tired of loving, and taking my chances wit sum1 i love. I knw waiting is a hard and painful thing, but as far as i knw, u jst hv 2 pick whos w0rth d wait n dt pain. Wel, its n0t so bad at all, im enjoying d feeling. Im hapy 2 see him smile, hear his sweet humble v0ice. il be waiting 4 this guy. il keep him in my prayers. And if it is not God’s will that he w0uldnt let us be, id be stil m0re than happy that in my life, i met someone like him..

— Earlier we went to mam Ventanilla’s place(our adviser) to discuss some details about our paper. Ok na nmn, then i went straight 2 d rehearsal venue, wel we only hv 5 days left then  NCAA-South opening na. My dry-run nga kme ds cumin m0nday wit d other skools pra s cheerdance. Sna mging ok nmn lhat. Cuz sbay sbay academics then my dncing thingy, sumtimes i cnt keep up na nga, but yea im tryin 2b resp0nsible here. Pg naaalala ko un mga things n kelangan png gwin n tpucn, dang! Nanlulumo nko, pero go prn..Haha!


haha this was taken yesterday..sOoper patawa! haha


Cez is the Best!! CHIKITAMM!


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