— Omg, guess whos on tv.. just saw my ex..dang..haha mkakatawa nman..

— Anyways, hmm… im soO happy bcuz i think im really inlove…lol wow naman.. Well, i just wana share…natutuwa ako cuz masaya kme wen we talk.. sharing views on life wit each othr is really a great way so we cnn get to knw each other better..im happy dat we laugh together, i cant explain the feeling.. but yea it feels soo good..sana nga lagi nlng gnto.. i duno ha..but for now, xa tlga un laging naiisip ko.. Nkakainis nman, i fell in love so fast.. pero yea yun lng tlga un  IM SO HAPPY ABOUT IT!

                “Hey you! I really dnt know hw to say ths but yea.. i think im liking you so much that i cnt get u off my HEAD.. damn ds is freakn hard, dats why sa blog nlng for now.. i dnt hv d guts yet to tell u, i dno if i will ever tell u either, but im leaving it to that someone n nsa taaas.. hmm i duno how and why but i wen i first saw u plang.. iba na..lol damn im not gud at ds, haha! i just need to get this off my chest so hmm…MAHAL KITA….”

— Well yea the entry pumasok na ng Friday cuz its currently12:45am here.. I had a great day naman.. im wit my friends all day, so non stop tawanan  na naman..till the moment dat Felix dropped us off, we did nothin but laugh as in LAUGH, LAUGH… lol mga addict n nmn un mga un, haha…

Dadi podi ** Look hus emo? dadi Mico gone emo… (taken last tuesday..)

 ** On the right corner its Jacky gone emo..lol emo jac  

emo felix ** theres the japanice Felix, EMO too!

** can you believe it? even my partner Rui?? emo rui

wwww  *** at pwede ba nmang wala ako? lol

** yea heres my twinie ishie…lol =p

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1 Response to ENTRY 111: EMO KAMI!

  1. hamtaro0529 says:

    hi!!!!!favorite ko po yung song grABEHHHH!!!!!!!!!I REMEMBER 2LOY YUNG PAST GF K……….HEHE

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