— well, today i got pissed by Rj..hmm a bit tho we were like talkin n txting all day.. watever.. hes a friend prin nmn..=)

— this really bothers me, a lot..i mean d hula..remember, totoo xa e..that i fall in love or should i say get easily attracted to someone.. but i know wen im attached..tlgang deeply involved ako.. well i just wna share, u knw usually i get in to a relatioship wit someone who likes me..parang npaka rare yta ng ako un mismong head over heels then nging boyfriend ko.. poor gurls no, parang wala nlng choice…lol But yea now Im sayig it I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY so much… and of course ngging close n kme but un nga alangan nmn sabihin ko na “hey i like you..” nah dats crap… I hate this feeling tho npakachallenging which i really love.. but yea im keepn my mouth shut .. bwiset nga cuz, pinapakiramdaman ko rin xmpre if its one of those feelings dt i used to have then d next day i freakn want out…Pero hopefullt not naman. I really like ths guy a lot. pti the way he ws brought up. npakabait na tao..(i sound so serious…) npaka totoo… i knw he’s d type na alam kong mamahalin ko. i duno kg LOVE nb tlga to or wat.. kc nmn hirap iexplain, sum wud say na dpat uv knwn d person for a long time..but yea, wat do u call this then huh? haay..nko iba iba nmn kc tlga un db…weird no..

— well, i had a great day nmn…taas ng grades ko sa Promo, pinaghirapan ko un no… haay! my mga dpat pkong ayisin sa skul, but tignan mo nmn i stayed up late just to talk to this guy. malapit n rin nga pla un defense nmen for the thesis..so goodluck smen, were preparing for it na..

— I WANA SAY SORRY to someone na masasaktan ko in d future..i did something stupid kc…im sorry tlga H. i ws jst playn kaso parang sinakyan mo n nmn e..

— Malapit na nga rin pla opeing ng NCAA-South, its happening on the 22nd so todo practice n nm kme to death..yea im tired..latersssss THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL D BLESSINGS!

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