— well hnd kme natuloy sa CWC this weeknd cuz we still got lot of paperworks to finish in skool..hnd kakayanin cuz start sa monday midterm exam na, so maybe after the exam nlng kme ppnta ng cwc.. haha, we hav all d reservations p nmn and all dt, haha c Felix pcancel agad, hehe…

* busy sa pcx wit my thesismates..(Friday) *


… today, hehe bagong gising picture here..hehe… wala lng! everythings perfect parin nmn, soo no prob at all… aside sa math..lol hate that!=( *THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS! MUCH LOVE..*

— guess wat? my NAGPAPAPANSIN and he’s so funny, im happy n all dat ok, e he doesnt wnt to be my friend anyways after all dt had happened.. uhmm siguro he thinks that i wud run after him pa.. uhmm, well..hindi na kc e. its different now 

— if ur happy or starting to go out wit sum1 then go ahead, il be happy for u i swear, pero its soo corny as in super corny na magpapansin pa then say “im out wit sum gurl.” hehe kasi naman, are we in highschool here?lol  oh well, youre 16 nga pla.. im too old for dat..hehe! but yea ir ur stil open, sna we cn be friends..=)

— yup i check ur profile every other time to see hu ur dating rite now, n i wish u d best.. tlga to u stil like young girls, hehe..

— so hmm il clean d house first! laterssssss……….. —


* enjoy this for now okies…. IM SO INLOVE WITH CHAD..HEHE!  hope sum1 relates to thissss.. he makes me go gaga! *


and im still here at home…my class is at 1pm leche lol…nah, my bad!  byeeee! my rehearsal pa after class for NCAA!! wahh.. later…=)

*kisses… *

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1 Response to ENTRY108: BUSY WEEK!

  1. hamtaro0529 says:

    …u know what crush naman na kita everytime na nag lo-log in ako sa website mo agad ang pnta ko.napaka cool and bait mo kc….hehe.plan kon nga sanang magtransfer dyan kaso yung climate kc dyan sa manila ndi bagay sa akin.kung puede nga lang sanang buhatin ung skul nyo gagawin ko nah eh.hehe.cge ingat ka lagi my friend!take good care!!!!!!

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