— just got here in skool…im soo early today Jacky n Chyn are not even here yet..lol!

–uhmm on Friday were going to CWC so waahh… need to buy a plane ticket at least tmrw?! lol wakeboarding is the best talaga..i even saw herman (felix’s bro) on tv last nite wen trip na trip featured cwc… hersma is really the big pro! he’s the man… lol hope the hotel is not yet fully booked thiss weeknd.. im gna have a long weekend again… cant wait!!

— and well guess whos online? lol the mad man… nah i ddnt do anything!

— anyways, this vid is for you michael, kinda funny cuz of the video itself but it says a lot..hehe, hey i stil wish the best for you. kht u dnt care. so please hope u stop hating me naa at least.

— i also hv a live version of this one, i ws sttn on the front seat of their concert..lol lucky mee..=)



— still here at skool wit my thesismates now… sitting in pc#31 lol…soo detailed.. well, i dnt usually believe in “hula” but yea jacky here inspired me na magpahula cuz everything na sinabi sa knya, were true n un mga hula s knya ngkatotoo rn. i know the girl also shes jane, ive knwn her cuz she’s my ex’s dorm mate well she said:

*im a bit “magastos” (true)

*im easily attracted, even if im in a relationship (true)

*I have to be careful on decision making cuz im more of a fast decision-maker but holds back in d end (true)

*Be careful on my decisions with regards to “career”, “love” and “money”

* I got lot of opportunities abroad but, i have to be thrifty, para hndi masayang..

*I havent met my soulmate yet…( aww..)

* that “my exes are my exes” wala dw akong babalikkan khit isa!

* I will be married and have 4 kids (woowww!)

* i will have a new BOYFRIEND  next semester…loldats tight!

— il ask her the rest were not yet done..lol

so laterrssss… time for class..

❤ yzelle

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1 Response to ENTRY 106: FORTUNE TELLER

  1. hamtaro0529 says:

    …darating din yan tol!!hehe

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