— that will stay with me forever. he’ll know you can never say i love you too many times, but he know’s not to say it if he doesn’t mean it with all his heart. he’ll give me his favorite sweatshirt. he’ll make me a build-a-bear & he won’t care about being in a store full of 1st graders because he knows it’ll be special to me. he’ll stay home with me to watch cinderella & he’ll tell me he loved it even though he didn’t.  he’ll call me at 4am. to only tell me that he loves me. he’ll tell me that he couldn`t fall asleep because he was thinking about me & needed to hear my voice. he won`t get embarrassed telling me he loves me in front of his friends. when i cry, he’ll tell me i’m too beautiful, & kiss every tear. he always makes me feel better because he knows the most perfect things to say. all of his friends will know we’re in love because he’ll always talk about me. while we’re walking, he’ll pick up a flower for me. he`ll tell me that i’m his little princess and treat me like one too. he’ll love everything about me. we’ll always end up laughing about silly fights that we won’t be mad about.  even if i’m a million years old, i still get butterflies everytime he kisses me & he’ll always tell me he’d die without me. he’ll suprise me with a teddy bear when i’m having a bad day. he’s interested in everything i say & always cares. he won`t stop playin games til he won me the red teddy bear. he’ll take walks with me in the snow & catch snow flakes on our tounges. everytime i hear his name, it takes my breath away. & when i hear his voice, i fall in love all over again. but with him, i can never lose because everything about him is just so wonderful & perfect. i’ll be his everything, and he’ll be even more to me. he’ll love me forever.


this is wat iv read frm his xanga nga pla.. just a while ago.. well i started takling to guys wen he got DIVORCED on myspace after un k Rui thingy pa..

“putanga ina.. wtf.. ako pala ung malandi.. kung cino cno na ung kainakausap mo….!!! how can i fuckn trust u.. u knoe wat its over… i dnt care bout u.. anymore..  or wat ever u do dur.. magkanyakanya na tayo…”- michael

*** well you’re rite, maybe this is the best time para magkanya kanya n tayo.. i ddnt start talkn to guys WHILE ok pa tyo.. ngaun lng wen YOU stopped talking to me.. So yea ok n to.. maybe hndi lng tlga tayo, but wala akong gnwang kalokohan.. SO STOP HATING N PRETENDING DT UR AN ANGEL THERE..

“THINKERS ARE BIGTIME DOERS..” that’s what I think….



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