05:25 pm

+ ME, Jacky & Chyn.. the thesismates  +

Well, i just got here in skul.. we went to manila earlier to get sum related studies for our thesis paper, we went to several universities..DLSU, PWU, Letran Manila, Lyceum Manila n Mapua..lol were so tired of the campus tour..lol..


+…we took the LRT, lol and the sidecar in Intramuros, hehe.. kewl! +


Earlier before i left the haus, i checked myspace n Michael’s, i mean yea  my ex now..yea so im out of his top friendss.. well, dat doesnt hurt il still put him on mine cuz of course im stil planning to say hi once in a while..lol no problem with me, i stil care..as a friend maybe..so hmm kwento lng..

*in 5 mins i got class na so i bettr go n run to my building..hahahah!! laterrrrrsss..=)

08:47 pm

IM HOME! damnn wat a tiring day.. i just got home and guess wat? no one’s here pla.. im missing my bed soo much ah..lol lagi kc puyat cuz sa dami ng ginagawa.. im making this Friday special, so im no going out tonite for a change, hehehe! i jst wna have a good resttt.. so maiba naman, why dont i stay home just for one Friday nite..sounds really good, well i got here dvds to watch soo yea.. Thank God for the wonderful yet tiring weekk..thanks for the blessingsss!

Yea God has given me a really wonderful week. I mean everything’s in order, i cleaned my room last sunday, i mean general cleaning, and then the whole week went out soo good.. even my friends noticed that im so happy and i dnt evn hv an idea why, hehe  well i guess THERE’S JUST NO REASON TO BE SAD.. yea thats the best explanation.. and im keeping it like this for good!

* Oh, nga pla HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MUSHYY RUIBLES.. luv yooh!! mwuah! Orgy family loves you so much!


❤ yzelle

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