“I don’t know if i have a problem or i’m just not lucky with this so called  love thing.  It has been  23 years and some some months… I have encountered long/short-terms, far/near-ones, good/bad-experiences, and all; name it! I’m just so surprise why it always doesn’t go my way…I’ve been fooled, but tried to make it work; been happy, but ddn’t make it work; been into deep shit, and tried to be blind for it to work; and lastly been so lonely, gave someone a chance, turned out getting hurt so bad. Does that sound good to you ?  I swear i’m no player, I am just a simple guy who wants to love and be loved, the type of guy who really prioritize a relationship and doesn’t go for a night stand thing!  I don’t seek for looks, as long as she’s nice and true, but yeah looks is a plus, i’d be lying if i say its not. I’m still  hoping  that i’d meet the right girl, someone i could call my own and grow old with. I would usually add up a promise that I would not lay an eye to another woman when I have her; unless  a really “hot sexy chiq” passes by…. that’s an exception, I might eat what i have just said and end up breaking my promise! hahaha  I’m just kidding! But honestly, I’ve been really hoping to have someone who’ll allow me to love her, love me back, settle down and have kids ( DAMN!, i love kids!)  and I’m not looking for someone through the net, but I’m not closing my doors either,  not even desperate enough, but I really want someone to come along, “pauses……. NOW! this sounds so desperate though hahahaha  well that’s what we call ironies….I am just  posting this one coz it  helps a lot, to release those pressures and lonliness! that’s all!” -RJ ( uhmm…someone i know..)


__ well yea i just read his blog 5 mins ago n i ws like.. “omg, sobrang nkakarelate ako..” not on the desperate thingy ha.. i mean xmpre nmn kht for now, lovelife is not my priority, somehow i wnt to hv sum1 na alm m na.. hehe (well, enjoy dn nmn mging single though..) basta un nga..haha.. ewn ko b , pero pg naaalala ko nmn un mga plans ko, isasacrifice ko n muna un ibang things for dat..

__ haha a bit confusing..=p nga pla weve been talking a lot lately..i mean the sweet RJ. He’s very nice… maloko as in sobra, n he makes me laugh really hard, haha.. funny thing wen he laughs, u i feel it na tlgang twang twa xa.. he’s half chinese, and were on the same field sa tourism industry, he used to be a cabin crew. kya mrami kming npguuspn.. kwawa nga lng yan cuz ubos lagi load kktwag, i though tuloy he hang up on mee, like his last call earlier..haha, bibili n nga ako ulit ng sun sim..haha! i used to haveone but expired na, dt ws gvn by my ex H.

__ speaking of H, haha he ws like parang ngpaparamdam n nmn wen he found out dt i ws single again, ngkakwentuhan ksi, but yea.. friend nlng nmn tngin ko s knya so..0% probability..lol

__ arghh… im pissed..lol i hv lot of things to do tonite dpat, but i ended up doing nothing but to write this entry..leche, its RJs fault, tumawag pa.. well, its really hard to say no to him nmn kc..tawa tuloy ng tawa cuz he said “kala ko b mrami kang gagawin” he ws like teasin me ng sobra..

__ uhmm i better hit the sack now, il do everything BUKAS!! bukas ok!!!!!! earlier nga pla i attended the career devt program..just sayin, learned a lot! sweetdreamss…

❤ yzelle

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2 Responses to ENTRY 102: WHERE IS HE?

  1. super_dimple says:

    the guy’s really cute. you’re lucky to know someone as cute as him. 🙂

  2. super_dimple says:

    by the way, he’s a quality guy. where on earth could you find another guy who loves kids? lol.

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