* SCHOOL: Damn ive been busy all week tho im always ol naman.. its bcuz of my reports.. sunod sunod these days.. pero ok naman, im working on my math cuz i think im failing lol  yiikess!! Pero ok rin namn, i presented my report in class yesterday na antagal ko pinaghirapan, thank GOD it went good..

* NCAA: sir Borommeo, called for a meeting last thursday for the upcoming ncaa.. start na un rehearsals nmen this cumin week soo, im gna be busy than ever, my thesis pa and other subjects..

* TODAY: Well i just got home from skool, of course my thesis class.. derecho uwi nko cuz im really tired.. last nite nga pauwi n sna ko ng 6:30 after my Entrepreneurship class cuz i really need sum rest na, but nkita p kme ni Felix.. he ws like “san kyo pupunta ha? walang uuwi.. sakay na!” haha… then un no choice.. we went home past 10pm na..



Im always iritado these past few days.. i noticed sumthing kc kay ***** kya un..tlga mejo naaasar ako minsan to think na wala nmn akong dpat ikaasar cuz, uhmm we know d real THING rite.. pointless.. but yea i feel dt way.. pero i can work on dat naman cguro..i mean im trying my best..

another thing wala n yta kme ni Michael for sum lame reasons..ay nko ewan ko! basta ayoko ng maligalig.. its not hepling, lets just enjoy life evn w/o each other… tss ako pa mamomroblema?..goodluck… sa dami b nmn ng gnagwa ko i hav no time para mkipagtalo pa, to wallow over blahh.. sa totoo i missed those times n sweet kme, cuz lately we hvnt talked serously AT ALL..

Bahala n c Lord=).. Bsta i wont waste my time para malungkot or watever, i wana be happy all the time, tho stressed sa studies n all dat.. thanks sa mga friends, family.. n of course k God.. thanks sa blessingss..=)


❤ yzelle

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1 Response to ENTRY 101: UPDATES

  1. hamtaro0529 says:

    …owkei lng  yan tol tlgang ganyan lng ang life sbi nga nila “weder-weder lang ‘yan db?

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