Damn.. tiring weel again..Jacky n i hd to go to Malvar Batangas for our project last Monday..

Sa totoo lng my body cant take all these things n kelangan gawin.. i thought nga i wasnt able to attend the workshop for Cathay n PAL cuz i got sick na.. pero kelangan tlga.. *sighh*


me and Jacky.. shes my thesis partner too.. wt were here for is dt Recreation Mgt project.


the first day of the workshop training… i had fun, its very informative n the speakers are really great..ü

 2nd day..corporate yzelle..lol

We planned to catch the Black Eyed Peas after party sa Embassy kya lng pagod n rn lht sa dami ng ginagawa.. kht ako nilalagnat after ng workshop e, sayang..last nite din Pussycat Dolls were live in Araneta, si Felix lng nkapanood..

=( cuz we were in Lucena nga..







this was yesterday..we went to Lucena w/c freakn far..like 5 hrs drve..shit! inasikaso kc nmen un papers sa pagalis nmen this Sept.25.. to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong n Chinaaa… sounds tiring…


dami taoooo… we discovered this mall too..haha, Pacific Mall of Lucena, lot good stuffs out there so we did a lil shopping..lol


we were on our way home, wen this 3 drunk guys came in.. i mean shit they were maniacs tryin to hold my hand and all dat, i dnt wna say all d details.. Jacky was also harassed, the guy was touching her, at d bck of her neck..duh..i will never go back to dat place.. nakakatakot, ang daming gago tlga d2 sa Pinas..i cried pagbaba..kc i cnt scream cuz baka saksakin ako or wat.. so mch about dat.

Anyways, i have to leave na naman, cuz were going to Lago de Oro to WAKEBOARD today, to relax nman.. n mwala nmn un stress..at the same time do the research cuz our approved topic is about lago de oro.. so i better be leavin cuz c Felix ayaw ng nghihintay..lol Si Ish kaya ready na?haay..patay tyo jan.. il c Rui, Jacky n Mico in 30 min i guess.. ah yea Mico is also throwing a party tonite sa Tagaytay.. mwuah!!

❤ yzelle

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