Hell week n nmn..kastress! yea cuz prelim exams na..  super puyat ko esp last nite cuz major subjects ko un exam ko.. imagine gano krami ung kelangan reviewhin..damnn..

Anyways, good thing wala ko exam this monday.. but then i nedd to go over my notes sa investment.. i need to pass dt freakn math subjct..lol soO gudluck sken..


this was last Tuesday..really freezn day.. super jacket mode nmn kme ni twinie..(at Felix’s ride..) hmm..makukulit n bata..

– yea were planning to go out of town after the exams on Tuesday,i mean after p nga pla ng Flight attendant training ko which is soo fckn expensive, 6k.. my God.. well i think its gna b fun nmn.. and efter dt exctd ako sa out of town, bka wakeboard ang bagsak nmen nito.. i duno, we’l jst see..

– today, i hv classes prin by 1pm.. thesis nmn, ok n un topic nmen sa Lago de Oro n tlga.. so hpe Felix cud help me n my groupmates out.. lil more patience, ggraduate nko.. haay..

– wow, kinausap ako ni Michael finally…

– So, far everythings in deir rite places prin nmn kht ppno.. Thank God prin..


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