I  wanna start this entry by saying I LOVE YOU  to the only guy I ever loved and I’m still in love with. Lately, Ive been so busy and you think dt im takin u forgranted..IM SORRY.. I ddnt mean to.. its jst dt, im really dead busy..but yea ur rite, b4 mas maeffort ako..ewan ko b..but dt doesn’t mean n kinakalimutan kita or even binabalewala..i ws scared cuz u told me hnd m n alm kng san pa ppnta tong relationship nto if I keep on doin this shit to u.. nkakaguilty hw u find time for me n I dnt.. to think n ur workin n studying at the same time. Ako nmn my mali n I admit dt. Hpe u let me mke it up to u, kht hnd ko alm kng pano…Im sorry kc luma,abas n im nt doin my part sting dlwa..kya knina  I mean d whole day un ung iniicp ko. Pti un npka pasaway ko, kht alm ko nmn na iniicp m lng kng ano un good for me, naaapreciate ko nmn, kya flattered prn ako dt ngaalala k sken..

I hpe its nt too late para iprove syo dt im worth keepn. At hnd ko lng inaaksaya ung oras mo..na my pupuntahan lht ng sacrifices n gnawa at pnggagagawa p nten.. i knw hnd nmn tyo nglalaro lng d2 e.. at alam ko wat ive done this past days isnt funny nmn tlga.. i love you soO much baby, bwisit ako kc i pissed u off.. sna dkna glit.. hnd tuloy ako mkatulog kht antok n tgla at bagsak n mata koo..so i decided to write this entry..

* tnx nman sa koya at partner ko who helped me out n marealize n ako nmn tlga ung my mali..sa mga advices..haay ur b best guyss.. dozo, dozo.. kiotsukette nhe, Ja, mata ashite!  kyo wa orgy nai..hehe! Sumaranai. Jodan da yo..toinkss!

Oyasuminasai ❤ yzelle

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