* one of my fave songs… *

Almost 3am..at Felix’s cribb rite noww.. lakas ulan earlier so the classes were cutted at around 4pm..then meeting of the dance company at 5pm for the cumin freshmen night..we had dinr at Paeng’s Grill..watever..tnx for the dnr koya Felix..lol im soo tired.. no classes tomrw..the best! org group chatted til dawnnn lol, with rui n tolitss.. Felix n i also did the Japanese 101..we hd soo much fun..

3:30am.. We went out to get sum freakn LUGAW to eat cuz its freezn out here.. after the gud lugaw we called it a day n woke up at around 10am suuper kulit ni Felix lol..toinkss! We planned to see the Pirates of the Carribean2 but i ended up sleepin n just woke up 6:30pm..lol i also talked to John (felix’s older bro) about the thesis paper, cuz he is tryn to help us out..great ideass!! kewl!

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