I STILL DNT FEEL GOOD..ouch! dats wat i get wen…uhhmm! ouch! it really hurtss.. nilalagnat pko..

Anyways, i just wana say dat i dnt need Mikki’s opinion Michael, and dnt ever takl about me again ok, kng gustu nyo mgpacute sa isat isa, i dnt hve a problem with that cuz i will never knw nmn, u dnt knw hw mch it hurts dat ur exs r talkn like “u deserve sum1 better..” i mean wtf!? i told u beforehand dt im gna be busy, hnd nmn xa mgsasalita ng gnon if u never told her a wrong stuff, like i dnt keep n touch.. ANG SAMA NG LOOB KO SAYO.. So cno ang para syo? sya? maganda yan… galing! minsan kc yng pkikipg bestfriend “kuno” sa ex or knino mang gurl e nkakasira lng ng relasyon, pupusta ko.. bkt nmn ako i dnt need others’ opinion wen it cums to us.. my sarili kc kong utak.. kya pla u txtd me dt strange msg..now i knw..sayo ko kya gawin ? hw wud u feel? hmm.. thank you very much..

time to go to class! i dnt wna b late for my Japanese class..


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