CURRENT MOOD: soO happy..

Well, let me start by saying that i was surprised to knw dt alot of people i knw are currently SINGLE, haha!! I was talking to Ingrid earlier and she ws lke so freakn happy dt were single, well definitely I am!! lol Oh, anyways dt crazy grl shfted to HRM, haha… i duno wen is she gna graduate, haha! She got lots of failing subjct last semester kc, i duno last summer.. I missed her so much, kulit grabe.

 She asked me pa if I like Alvin cuz type dw nya bka sken n nmn dw mpunta, cuz i always get wt i wnt dw, xa malas..lol sbi ko i dnt nmn, i mean we had sumthin, sumthin b4, pero tgal na..we dnt talk a lot rn nmn.i think lst time n nksma ko xa ws sa despidida ni Kel last summer. i mean we jst talked.

Ingrid ws like so annoying na, asking me kng my bago ko..taenang yan! i dnt evn go out na..wahhh=( Pero, uhm i thnk crush ko nga c *****  sb ni Jacky e..haha! Sbagay cno b nmn ang hnd. =p Sweet prn nmn xa skn like b4, im such a baby..pcrush crush nlng! well its better ds way db..im nt gna rush thngs wit anyone=p basta im all happy rite now..

.. Ish nman is always absent! 3 subjcts n nga lng ang kinuha lagi pring wala..well, i duno wts her plan..lol!

Back to d story…uhmmm, si Jacky rin is single, (my thesis mate) Saya ng buhay senior, kht all pressured sa studies. Wala lng ewan ko ba dey said pati bt dw ang saya ko plagi.. para nkong addict sa pgkahyper, lol! anyways im glad na ok at masaya lhat..=)

Earlier dn Rui n I were together sa canteen, we talked about the Angel ni Oyen stuff, he sed its like ngpapalakas yta un gurl after i busted her kng gano ksama ugali nya..she offered dw n sagutin un food sa rehearsals..lol anyways, im nt arguing with her n nmn ulit, wla nmn kc xang msabe..ngkwnto lng c Rui knina..My cnabi c Rui but im not telling, hahaha…

Eto ang nkakaasar sa lhat cuz I almost bumped with Rolzen, na nw ko lng nkita again after a couple of months! kc i ws txting Ish, hndi ko n nkita dinadaanan ko..tss! anyways, he looks gud ah, brings bck d old times..lol jst plyn. we just sed hi, cuz my class prn ako..

Its 4am na hnd prn ako mktulog..tss! pero at least nkpgreview nko for d quiz, kht closed eyes kya kong sagutan, haha! and i got d perfect score sa Math of Inestment knina..WOW!

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