CURRENT MOOD: all happy, but tired..

No classes for today..its a holiday thank God!..i did Pi’s myspace earlier. and it looks cute! lol ehem!! and i just watched TRL, and im so happy i saw Stephen Coletti, my fave guy from Laguna Beach!! soO gwapo, lol… he looks like an angel sent down for me, hehe! *cough, cough!*

here r sum photos from his xanga..






I mean hello, he doesnt even look gud with LC, lol.. they look cute.. (old pic..) good thing she’s wit Jaysn now, hehe…from Caseys xanga..






fave gurls Jessica n Kristin!! very pretty Jessica!!

~ for drama in Laguna…just add water.. this is the Laguna Beach addict..lol

** wahhh im sleepy! my God 2mrw i got classes til 8pm, im gna miss an episode of ONE TREE HILL…grrrrr!! nytie nyt!!


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1 Response to ENTRY 81: LAGUNA BEACH

  1. Pinoyword7Up says:

    ohhh wow! coool pictures!

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