Not much about dat Maucrap.. Ish n I went bck to skul knina. Guess wat??? the dean approved my request na about my thesis paper!! IM SO HAPPY!  i am so GRADUATING THIS YEAR! haha… after dat, we went to our fave salon and get our hair done, i stil my old hair color n highlites but im planning to get sum Rihanna-like cool haircolor nxt week. Then we went hme, and Ish had her lunch here, then i gave her my real bday gift haha…shes old na… anyways i missed skul so much. Our skul hotel looks great and i cnt wait to check dt out..also dtnew gym.. We also saw Japs at d registars ofis and he sed were gna have this new cheerleading uniform for this season..he sed dt there will be an audition for new members soon..haha!

the old uniform..

well i really missed skul na and im excited cuz nxt wednesday is 1st day of skul..!


me & rui..geeky nites with d gang!(rehearsal after my 7:30pm class)

lollipop anyone?? lol


my ballroom partner and me..LUNCH TIME at POTSAY!

hate him wen he do dt!


with my gurls..workout first before the real thing!


arranging those flowers and preparing for the food function exam!

International Tourism Convention lunch break!

and our fave spot in skul! the ITCC building! lol

with name tag pa..dork haha!

 So yea.. alot of stuffs happened last year.. So sana this year ulit everythn will b ok. ung PAKELAMERA jan who always check my xanga kya pla dmi visits.. wag nlng mgreact ok tama na, ang tamaan nko please xa n nmn un..walang kkwenta kwentang bagay.. at if u still have a lot of ANGAL go sumwer else ok..dun sa presinto ka mgreklamo.. not on my myspace or xanga.. Anyways tnx for bein my clown, haha.. i had so much fun tho..=p

<33 yzelle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    cool entry..

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