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Anyways, galing again kme ng skul ni Ish yestrday.. thank God im feeln better nw, and its almost gone.. the other nite Michael(Kel) txtd me, i ws surprised cuz cuz he sed that he’s back bt i ddnt blv hm cuz b4 he left he sed he’l b stayn in LA for gud na.. But yesterday, i saw him in skul, haha..i ws surprised! he ws like “Mare, i missed you! hnd k mn lng nmmnsin!” haha..tumaba kc ang mokong! d ko nkilala.. well, Kel is one of my closest friends, i mean weve been classmates na for so many years, we met during 3rd grade na uhugin pa xa, haha jk! sa Canossa then in Letran..nko magulo n nmn ang school year cuz mgkksma n nmn kmeng lht! i missed skul though..=)

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