Gerald confessed he is indeed a certified chick boy. Well he couldn’t help it if Filipinas dig his Filipino-American looks. If he were to choose between going back home to the US or staying here in Manila, he’d choose the latter for now. “Many people here say I am gwapo. Kasi dito girls really notice me. I’m happy about it but all is still new for me.” he says with a laugh. He’d also take pinays over American girls any day. “I like long-haired, morena girls. Filipinas have this way of making a guy feel special.” He remembers the days when girls would come to their house in Gen San to tell his mom that he got them pregnant. Gerald came clean and said he has been sexually active since the age of 16. He’s also had three serious girlfriends. He broke up with two of his exes because of his qualms about long distance relationships.

This probably stemed from his parents separation 2 years ago. His dad is an instructor in the Philippine Navy and travels back and forth to the US and Olongapo. His mom is a Filipina and is a native of General Santos City which became Gerald’s home when he was 14. “Expected ko na maghihiwalay sila. Mom came to live here 2 years ago. Then when my brother and I came here, my dad left soon for the US. We became used to living apart. My youngest brother was the one most affected. I told him things aren’t going to be like before so he has to mature and be strong.”

An 11th grader in the US, Gerald has still a year to go before he can attend college. He’s not really sure what he wants to take up but he wants to finish his studies. “I plan to graduate then find the best job I can unless my stint in Pinoy Big Brother helps me to figure out what I want.” He sees PBB as an opportunity he doesn’t want to pin all his hopes on it. “If an opportunity knocks go for it. If it doesn’t work, it’s ok. I know there are more things to come for me.” He prides in being able to do a few household chores which includes dish washing and doing the laundry – using the washing machine. Should he be forced to wash his and the other housemates clothes  by hand he’ll gladly oblige but with a condition. “Please ‘wag lang nila isama yung brief nila!”



YZELLE on PBB teen edition and GERALD:

_ before, tlgang i dnt like watchin this show i mean the last seasons..but the teen edition is different!! Totally naaaddict nko sa PBB especially k Gerald, as in sobra!! Every nite kht im soo tired pg ngstart n un show, haha!! taggal pgod ko.. and not only dat, pti uplate pinapanood ko pa..haha, yea i wake up 2am just to watch it then sa morning ulit at 11am!! haha…

_ anyways, super crusshiiE  ko tlga c Gerald,,hahaha!! http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=73350339

here’s his url on myspace in case u  guys wna check dt out..lol! oh do u wnt his friendster too?haha.. http://www.friendster.com/user.php?uid=28848493 and his email gerald_anderson6@yahoo.com..if you guys wna get in touch wit him, uhm but maybe wen he gets out na sa bhay ni kuya!!

Some pics here!!

>pa cute!                           > mikee and Gerald                  >with Matt


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