Sometimes being far from someone that you love can give us fears, fears that sometimes can grow into this huge FEAR that will definitely eat your heart out. It’s the fact that you know that after they work, after school, or just by walking on the streets of this far away place, they may bump to someone who looks better, talks sweeter or let’s just say better than you to sum that up. They may go out on a date and eventually have this follow up date if things went all good on the 1st one.

While doing your thing back home, you can feel it. I don’t know why either, but yea, you just can feel it.. That crazy thing that you feel right before you hit your bed, this thought that could make you stay up til 4am and that sad look in your eyes everytime you lay your eyes on their picture. It hurts when you know that all you got is this very special feeling about this person that you’ve never felt for anyone else in the past, but still their weaknesses still bother you.

They may feel so alone everytime they think about you and find themselves wondering “why do I have to settle for someone I can’t even hold in my arms?”. Their friend could say that “your life is here, find someone who really exists.”

On the other hand, you build you every dream about them hoping that someday you’ll live happily ever after, though you know you have nothing to hold on to, but those words they said. You can feel the excitement everytime you talk to them, even if at the back of your mind you can feel this fear of losing them just because they’re too far, but still you keep your fingers crossed.

“And you lived dreaming ever after.” ???????

_ Wtf?! Im not gonna keep my fingers crossed cuz I don’t want fate to do it for me.. Let me handle it and then fate will do the rest of my f*ckin part!haha.. Im not a coward. Im keepin this person I love as long as I believe thet he’s for me. But then of course know when to let it go. If he cums to me and said “I DON’T LOVE YOU NO MORE, I want somebody else.” then I will stop holding on to him. Of course that wud hurt but then I have no choice but to do PLAN B!
_ You know I have this fear of getting hurt with this guy, but I took my risk cuz I felt this SOMETHING I never felt before. And its the first time this thing came up to me for no reason, I mean in the past it was like, “i love him cuz he’s cute!” and all that stuff, But when you finally met your KATAPAT, trust me even if he doesn’t take a bath everyday, even he eats like there’s no tmrw..damn you wont even notice that he does, haha! nkakapraning but true..
_ Hope this guy will stay true to me forever cuz in the past, I never felt like I don’t have to worry about what my man does, cuz I know heknows how to keep his words.

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