_I used to write in a diary since 2nd grade, last nite i found myself browsing it all over since i was having a hard time hitting the sack..It was so funny, i remembered how i used to be..I even saw pictures of my oldtime crush and our first dance together, i cnt believe how we ended up together now..look at those pictures..haha! and that note he gave to my teacher wen we were freshmen, i never imagined that things will turn out this way.

_I also saw a picture of this house, and i ws like “oh, my God, i wnt this house..” haha…Well, dats one of my dreams, to have my dreamhouse built on a beachside, cuz i love beaches so much!! and finally i got this cool design now..

My Dreamhouse

_Im not getting any younger, and 3 semesters to go and im done with my college degree..i only have 42 units to go, and if i nvr shifted from Management il be graduating by March2007..

_Anyways, me and my friends got this plan way way back wen we started college, we planned to get a condo unit in Makati and be the most gorgeous bachelorettes in town, haha! Ish even stressed that “tayo ang ppick up sa mga guys na gusto nten!” and thet were gna get everything that we want..Nkakatuwa of course, but well things do change.

Famous Makati City

_Before my plan after college is to hve a good paying job,find my own place and move out, buy a car, help my family, have my own business by 25 maybe, cuz i wna be the employer, not forever the employee just like my professor said, lol.. get my dreamhouse, and then get married if i already established myself financially.

_Actually, before i have no plans of getting married not until someone came along, haha weird but yea, i dnt want my kids to experience kasi wat happened to us, and as a mom i dnt wna experience wat my mom did, she ws like crying all day wishin my father wud leave his other woman, damn dat ws hard. i remembered in 5th grade i lived in Batangas just bcuz i cnt tke stuffs anymore.

“Actually, before i have no plans of getting married…

_Honestly, before i just wnted to be a single mom, haha.. yea, i thought it wud be easier dt way, kasi mahirap mghnap ng matinong asawa db, lol!! kya id rather work hard nlng and earn money so i cn raise my kids well, evn w/o a father, the way i think kc b4 tlgang i would hve a failed marriage, haha! damn im goin to farrr na…haha!

_But then my nkita nmn akong guy na gusto ng happy family so, un ngkaron ng changes sa mga plans ko..thank God dba, pero if ever at least my plan B ako, haha! d prin nten mssbi..

“The good guy…haha! I wish, I wish, I wish……”

_Well ano pb plans ko.., uhmmm, let’s start with my short term plans, i wna go scuba diving, and probably sa August i will..=) ituloy ung wakeboarding, its so exciting kc.. i wna travel more, d2 muna sa Pinas, i wna go to Palawan! i watched this show gusto ko mpnthan un undergound river and i wna see those crocs!haha..i love exotic animals kc ayoko ng mga common, haha! I wna visit Davao, iv heard alot na kc bout Davao and they said the nitelife in Davao is oh so cOoL! ahaa..La Uñion! its a good place for surfing kc and i wna learn to surf!…(^_*)

 i wna go scuba diving, and probably sa August i will..=) ituloy ung wakeboarding.. i wna learn to surf!..

“i love the ocean. so relaxing, i can drown and live underwater forever..”.

_internationally nmn, yea this October we’ll be touring here in Asia so, wla nkong prob with that, well, im soO excited to visit Singapore..=) Wut else..Fiji, the beaches of Fiji especially Turtle Island, damn so beautiful! iv seen it on Travel&Living channel jst recently..awesome! Hawaii, Miami..cnt get enuf!!

_Lastly, i wna go to Europe, haha! Barcelona, Spain..evn before tlga.. Italy, bsta those historical lookin places like the heritge village iv seen in Vigan..

_Well, im not getting any younger, kya im doin nrn this for myself and my family..and to dt someone hu hv been vey concerned and supportive nmn, so yea.. il be good i promise.. And of course im gna get all i want one by one, hahaha!!

_Waahh.. im old na, im turning 20 nrn this sweet November..haay..!

.: its YZELLE :.

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